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Energy transfer at interfaces


Organised by Nicolas Horny, Samy Merabia, Lorenzo Paulatto

Jérôme Saint Martin, Konstantinos Termentzidis

10-11 juillet 2023 , IMPMC, Jussieu, Paris

Due to the increasing complexity of nano-systems driven by the continuous decrease in their dimensions, interfaces are becoming more and more important in current technologies. This results in an increase in the density of interfaces in nanostructured materials and consequently in their influence on their operation. Moreover, energy transport in nanostructured materials and nano-objects is no longer described by the usual laws that govern their macroscopic properties. The characteristic dimensions of nanomaterials, both spatial and temporal, strongly affect the transport of energy carriers: phonons, electrons, photons, plasmons and ions. At nanometric scales, energy transport becomes predominantly ballistic and is controlled by boundary diffusion, defects and interfaces.

These two days are part of the launch of an « Interfaces » workshop within the GDR « NAnoMaterial for Energy applications ». It will aim to take stock of recent developments concerning the various energy channels at interfaces at the nanometric scale. The objective is to combine manufacturing, characterisation and modelling in order to extend the field of knowledge of energy transfer at small scales. The second objective is to make an inventory of current knowledge but also to discuss the scientific locks and challenges that remain to be overcome in order to converge measurements and models.

Different aspects of energy transfers at interface will be addressed as for example interface scattering for phonons and electrons, electrical and thermal boundary conductances at interface, thermal management for ICs, 2D materials, superlattices, nanocomposites, nanofluids.

These days will be an opportunity for the participants to exchange views and in particular for young researchers to present their work during oral presentations or poster session.

The first session on Monday morning will be dedicated to tutorials on different aspects of energy transfers at interfaces.

You are invited to submit an abstract for an oral presentation or a poster

Invited speakers :

– Laetitia Vincent, C2N, Palaiseau, « Interface issues for the synthesis of the hexagonal phase of SiGE-2H »

– Guillaume Nataf, GREMAN, Université de Tours, « Ferroelectric and ferroelastic domain walls: interfaces to tune thermal conductivity »

– Marco Pala, C2N, Palaiseau, « Quantum transport study of the electric resistance at the metal/TMD interface: Schottky versus tunneling barrier trade-off »

– Sawako Nakamae, CEA Saclay « Thermoelectricity in complex fluids: the role of interface and solvation layer for recovering electricity »

– Laëtitia Marty, Institut Néel, Grenoble « Suspending 2D materials to access their thermal properties »


– Riccardo MESSINA, Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d’Optique Graduate School, Université Paris-Saclay: « Recent developments in near-field radiative heat transfer »

– N. Horny, ITheMM, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne : « Review on thermal boundary conductance at solid/solid interface »

– Konstantinos Termentzidis, CETHIL, Lyon: « Thermal conduction at amorphous-crystalline and solid/liquid interfaces »

– Samy Merabia, ILM, Lyon: « Solid/liquid interfaces and coupled electrons-phonons transfer at interfaces »

Registration (before 30/06/2023):

– FR:

– EN:

Registration fees:

Early bird (before 09/06/2023):

– Doctorant – Post-doctorant :100 €

– Academic permanent + EPIC contributing GDR NAME : 150 €

– Industrial + EPIC non contributing GDR NAME : 300 €

Late registration (after 09/06/2023):

– Doctorant – Post-doctorant : 150 €

– Academic permanent + EPIC contributing GDR NAME : 200 €

– Industrial + EPIC non contributing GDR NAME : 350 €


Nicolas Horny, IThemm, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne:

Samy Merabia, ILM, Université Claude Bernard Lyon I:

Lorenzo Paulatto, IMPMC, Sorbonne Université:

Jérôme Saint-Martin, C2N, Université Paris-Saclay:

Konstantinos Termentzidis, CETHIL, INSA de Lyon:

Important dates:

– Registration before 09/06/2023

– Abstract submission: before 09/06/2023 (

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